*Great charities- The Books Connection is a proud supporter of the Boys Book Club/Library at the Spectrum Juvenile Detention Center  (You read that right. Boys. Book Club. Detention Center.) We buy new books suitable for boys ages 12+ for the library/book club the boys themselves have formed If you'd like to contribute,   = Toss some change in our jar ** Jigsaw Puzzles: $2 donation gets you one puzzle (or swap one for one)  ** a small selection of doodads exclusively for the Angel Tree fund  ** different drawings (a donation gets your name in the fishbowl) throughout the year for cool gifts  ** we also donate extra stock to veterans' hospitals and homeless shelters,  too. For more information on Spectrum, visit www.spectrumhuman.org.
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"I think my dad opened an account for me when I was 2. And I'm 30 now!"                          -Jennifer T.
The Gimble and the Hands Stand- Neat little book accessories that make reading that much easier (and fun!) and don't forget the classic "15" Puzzle!
Michigan Mints -Fresh from Hanover, Michigan, using premium mint. They have both the lower AND upper peninsula imprinted on them! Great hostess gift!  Priced lower ($6.50 per bag) than their MSRP!
Easy on the eyes, you need to check out our selection of magnifiers! Sheet size, lighted pocket, and even bookmarks will help you 'see the light'! 
"This is a bookstore that makes you feel at home."
      -Kevin D.
"Your store & services are just awesome."
-Teresa M.
*Great Rewards- every 30 items bought = used paperback free (registered customers only)! ** refer a friend to the BC, you'll receive $10 cash credit (make sure they give us your name!). 
*Great (mailing) service- Not a lot of time? Call ahead; we'll pull books for you  ** Can't make it in? We ship priority! Don't let life get in your way of reading!
*Great Activities- Two monthly groups: Book Club and Novels and Needles, a knitting club for all skill levels- if you have a knitting problem, the ladies will be happy to help you!
*Great 'Early Bird' notification- Teaser covers, catalog info and 'coming soon' boards keep you in the know  ** Want the latest by a particular author? We can put those aside and notify you when they're in! 
and we've got...*GREAT DOODADS!!!
Bookmarks- Because what would a bookstore be without bookmarks?! And we've got great ones- cool designs, shapes, and styles- you're sure to find one (or two, or three, or...!) you'd like!
**Please note: our selection of sidelines (a.k.a. 'doodads") is changing constantly; some items pictured here may  not be available. Feel free to call ahead and ask what we have!
*Great Service- Let us introduce you to your next favorite book! Wondering what to read next? We'll put our 70+ years of book knowledge to work for you! Tell us what you like to read, and we'll give you some suggestions. No problem!!
 *Great Gift Cards- any amount; $30 or more, we add $5 FREE! ** send one to a friend- or have a friend send one to you- call us (toll-free 877-268-3387) and we'll drop it in the mail for you -no shipping or handling!

*Great Community (that means you!) Benefits- Shopping small benefits the community (and you!) in so many ways; for every $100 spent at a local business (like the BC!), $68 stays in the community versus $43 at big box and online stores. We are here FOR YOU!

This is what we do.

​*We also have 
Great Atmosphere- 
Relaxing. Almost TOO relaxing, for some.