THE TRADE POLICY (quickie version)
Example: You trade in a $10 book.
We give 20% ($2) in trade credit (not cash).
Then, you buy a (used) $10 book.
Here's the math:
Original retail price       $10.00
Our price, marked at      $6.00 (this is 40% off)
Minus your trade credit    -$2.00 (20% more off)
Your final cost:             $4.00 -60% off!! 
Even if you have a large trade credit balance, the books are not free. 
You will always pay something- neither the landlord nor the IRS accepts books as form of payment!
trade cred-it
(trad kred'it)n. 
credit to be used towards our used paperbacks. We credit you 20% of the original price of your paperbacks; 20% of our selling price (usually 
$4 - $8) for your hardcovers.
-Just a small sample of our beautiful used (yes, USED!) books-
"You've got a great store here- 
very well-organized!"
 -Mary S.
-You never know which books will be  traded in; the excitement is palpable-
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"The staff cannot be beat!!"
​"You're a lifesaver. The other stores near me don't hold a candle to you- honestly!"
-Joan H
"I think I'd enjoy reading more if I could turn the pages faster."
​​Don't Forget! We also offer educator discounts: an extra 10% off new books for your classroom, as well as an automatic 60% off used paperbacks (no need for trades!).
This is how it works- The Trade Policy 
(It's easy. Really. We promise.)
How to Buy Books at the BC:

1. Bring in your books. We take in mostly paperback fiction, but are pretty picky with hardcovers (we just don't sell as many). We try to keep our nonfiction section stocked with topical, updated publications.

2. We'll go through your books while you shop. Trade-ins must be in good condition: cover intact, no loose or missing pages, no water or smoke damage, etc. Sorry- we do not take in textbooks, magazines, encyclopedia sets or outdated technical material; we suggest you check with your local library or nursing home about donations.

3. As we go through your books, we reserve the right to refuse trade-ins if we are overstocked on a given title. We also urge you to bring in all possible trade-ins for evaluation. If you're low on trade credit, we'll throw some in your account (because hey, you tried, right?). Please feel free to bring overstocks in at a later date, as we may need them then.

*"But what if I don't have time to shop today?" Have no fear: all credit is recorded and can be applied to future purchases; trade credit never expires (!).

4. You pick out your books and bring them to the register. To get credit on books that are less than one year old ('bestsellers'), you must trade in books that are less than one year old (based on publishing date). Same with Westerns and/or Science Fiction/Fantasy: to get credit on those you must trade in Westerns and/or Science Fiction/Fantasy books. This way we keep the stock up in those sections.

5.​You pull out your wallet. (Remember: you always pay something). All books are 10 - 60% off; our minimum price on used paperbacks is $2.95, or $1.95 with trade credit. Used hardcovers are marked as is (at least 60% off original price), therefore, you don't use your trade credit on those.

6. You realize you wallet isn't empty from your trip to the bookstore. You walk out of the Books Connection with a smile on your face, knowing you'll be back soon AND you'll tell all of your friends about us (please and thank you)!!!!